Daily Rig Move List

We make it our business to know when the Drilling Rigs are moving and where they are moving too, the day before they actually move!  Get the jump on your competition, be the first on the lease and the first hired.  The Rig Move Database is an excellent tool that allows you the flexibility to plan your next days sales calls in advance, whether it is contacting existing customers or using it as a tool to meet new customers.

The Rig Move List is also a great tool to allow you to monitor where your rental equipment is located. You can have the Rig Move List faxed, emailed or you can view or print the Rig Moves from the Internet.

$1225.00 per year

Daily Rig Moves
The package for the Daily Rig Move List includes the following:
¤ Online access to the Daily Rig Move List for up to 5 users for one year.
¤ Each report will display the contractor, rig number, location, operator, trucking company, license #, depth, field and comments field.
¤ 5 reports per week and 1 weekend report. A rig count is supplied on the weekend report along with a comparison to the previous year.
¤ Online access to the Rig Locator for 5 users. The Rig Locator will display spud dates, full well license details and rig history
¤ Archived moves
¤ Daily Provincial Rig Count

Payment options:
¤ Credit Cards
¤ Corporate cheques  
¤ Monthly plan: $125.00 per month by credit card or post dated cheques  
Please note: If you require fax service there will be an additional charge of $50.00 per user per year  


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