Photo Gallery - Video Clips


Moon Pool of the Eirik Raude during a storm
Big Sky 5 Surface Blowout at 60m
Chopper landing on the Noble Lynda Bossler jackup.
Soehanah Blowout
Running into an ice plug while snubbing


Loss of Concentration


Drilling Rig In Canada
Quintera 3 - Crew Song
PD in Sask
Riggin up Nabors 57
Running casing on a
work over rig


PD 234 Edson Alberta
Trinidad 91 formally Jade 11
Beaver 5 Tripping out in AB
Kick at a Rig north of
Medicine Hat
Latching on the drill pipe
without harness clipped on


Oil Patch in BC & AB
Spectacular Gaswell Blowout



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